It’s that time again

To be playing Call of Duty, taking out Nazi Zombies wishing the whole time they were Yanks or Slavs.

But, let’s not harp on that.

This weekend the Lord will rise (is that blasphemous? Hasn’t He already risen?) and at the same time comes the inaugural “Phall & Pat Radio Show”.


Stay tuned.


Topics to be covered:

[9:14:04 PM] Phalluster: i disagree strongly with alex linder, that White Power sells itself

we come from cultures that ridicule common wisdom

Interview Mike Connor


homo serial killers

the mpc gay troll thread

discuss blogs


[9:59:19 PM] Pat Hannagan: we should discuss how whites shitbag whites for not being white enough

[10:00:10 PM] Pat Hannagan: there are several stories a day about how fucked up the younger gen are and how they have failed everyone
[10:00:30 PM] Pat Hannagan: yet, what’s to expect after shitbagging them from cradle to grave?

[10:28:36 PM] Pat Hannagan: need to discuss porno

[10:31:49 PM] Pat Hannagan: why aren’t whites nepotistic?

[10:32:07 PM] Phalluster: K-selection

[10:34:10 PM] Phalluster: why do niggers buy “butt magazines” vs regular playboys?  why do niggers like bigg butts?

why did it happen and who was to blame?

[10:39:50 PM] Pat Hannagan: seeya phall. we will do our first show before Christ has risen
[10:40:12 PM] Pat Hannagan: remember the stations of the cross. and Holy Thursday
[10:40:14 PM] Phalluster: He has risen indeed, hallelujah!
[10:40:24 PM] Pat Hannagan: the interrogation of the sanedrin
[10:40:35 PM] Pat Hannagan: the beating, the crowning with thorns.

Why do people get buried with sports gear on their coffin?

Till then:

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15 Responses to It’s that time again

  1. Pat Hannagan says:

    And the shoah, how could I forget the shoah?

    Jews AND News. A real winner.

  2. Pat Hannagan says:

    Adding to this the sudden realisation, as it all comes clear, Firepower is actually a woman.

    I mean it. This makes sense of everything he/she has ever written. He is a she. Wouldn’t be the first time on the internet but she did it well.

  3. Pat Hannagan says:

    The “boys” at Eraduca talk a big story but none of these big men dare say what they have to say on a mere podcast. Yet, they shit bag Forney.

    Oh, well, their hero is Sheila, I suppose it is to expected:

  4. Allein, allein… allein, allein.

  5. Pat Hannagan says:

  6. Pat Hannagan says:


    Though it isn’t that straight forward. He/She has things to say:

    April 13, 2014 at 11:56 am

    Readers detect discrepancies between the deplorable censorship of differing ideas, and humane editing of profane nuttery – as I do to pat when he ultimately becomes unhinged.

    Matt Foney hates competition and thus, habitually smothers it. So, the censored good readers depart – leaving only the goofy fat kids.

    You should comment there: It’d cause a storm. Do it when you post here, bring readers to your work. Then, fight them on your own turf like Sun Tzu recommends. You’ll actually find more fans than foes.

    Foney must be in a world of shit to lose readers; especially with a clique of cross-linking, link-whores – Rooosh & Chuck Rudd – constantly shilling his recycled crap.

    If those turds got over their jealousy and promoted Eradica, we’d find many new allies.

    Sun Tzu says: White Man who quotes me reads many books, spends little time.

    You should comment there: It’d cause a storm.

    Commenting at the blog who decried blogs, and the worthlessness of all blogs, now beseeches you to comment at her blog. The hamster wheel keeps spinning.

    Matt Foney Foney, phoney, get it? Been almost two years to the day that FP was sent away but like a bitch with nowhere else to go she just keeps on stalking.

  7. Pat Hannagan says:

    April 13, 2014 at 12:06 pm


    Words of the nihilist. Wouldn’t even define herself as a nihilist. That would mean defending a proposition. A true nihilist? Nah, just womanly self seeking.

  8. Pat Hannagan says:

    Also discuss moderated blogs.

    Question: what does it mean when a moderated blog, which doesn’t allow me and my friends to comment, allow duplicate comments?

    What does the duplicated double moderated comment suggest from the moderator? Condescension?


    nikcrit said…

    hey Thordaddy,

    you have any blog reccomendations? I’m looking for ones that are amenable to the kind of debates and contributions we got at GL and earlier forums.
    4/16/2014 6:27 PM
    nikcrit said…

    hey thordaddy,

    you have any blog reccomendations?

    I’m looking for ones amenable to the topics and contributions we indulged at GL and earlier ones.
    4/16/2014 6:29 PM

  9. Pat Hannagan says:

    Also discuss the latest Carolyn Yeagar induced internet shitfest.

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