He Belongs to Us: The Relevance of Lawrence Auster to Traditionalists


He died for us brah. He showed us the way to Traditionalism, he wanted all of us to be Traditional.

That extra strength you feel when you thought you couldn’t lift anymore? Auster is spotting you. That flash of inspiration you get that provides a blog comment that will derail a thread? That’s Auster hasbara trolling you via his muse. That urge you get to play Dylan, dance and shiksas be mirin’? That’s Auster showing you the way. That sexy mofo you see in the mirror wearing a fedora? That’s not Auster, that’s you bro… but Auster is right behind you, and he’s smiling: he’s proud of you, he’s proud of your Tradition. Don’t worry brah, Auster has your back. And he wants you to become Traditional.

And one day we will join him in The Great Synagogue in the Sky. But not yet, not yet.

RIP Rebbe.

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2 Responses to He Belongs to Us: The Relevance of Lawrence Auster to Traditionalists

  1. Mark Jaws writes:

    Jessica K wonders why Polish, Czech and Slovakian girls seem drawn to blacks, while Hungarians and Balkans do not. I offer two possible explanations. First, there are very few blacks in Poland and the former Czechoslovakia, and these central European countries have had no recent history of dealing with non-Europeans, in contrast to their white Balkan neighbors who were dominated by Turks for hundreds of years. Second, Poland is still a fairly Catholic and conservative country. Perhaps there are taboos against interracial dating. Thus, Polish girls living in London like to spread their wings while away from home.

    But this is mere conjecture. Who really knows? I do know we need to speak the plain, hard truth about black men to our white daughters. I did, and much more than once. The result: my oldest daughter married a man who is a frequent reader of VFR.

  2. Pat Hannagan says:

    A beautiful ode that brought tears to my eyes.

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