Living life

Living life is easy. You place one foot forward of the other and do it all again.

Having kids is easy. You regret all you said and smack them out constantly.

And regret. And regret.

Education is easy. You read from a book and they listen.

The mrs screams and you yell, they laugh and cry, you smoke and she dreams.

Men are so romantic.

They desire some whore and imagine a princess then they get married and have all the kids that they then learn to despise the mother who bore all the things that he

Men *will* have children

No one knows what’s in their heads.


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5 Responses to Living life

  1. regsipco says:

    Read it again. That’s life.

  2. regsipco says:

    And no one will be there to pull you through any of it.

    The good thing is you could be a Syrian getting your head hacked off.

    The bad thing is you have none of his integrity.

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