I admire Spike Lee’s rant against gentrification.

My village is undergoing a similar process. SWPL’s used to put shit on us, calling us ‘Boganville’ etc. But I thought  we always had the last laugh. 2 pubs, supermarket, bakery, butcher, fish and chip shop, cafe what more could you want?

Then the developers started ‘building’ here. Higher rise buildings. Down went the spacious houses, in came the Indians, faggots and yuppies. They call it progress.

The Indians play cricket, full XI v XI inc coloured clothing to monkey the T20, at the park every other day. Stinking noisy cunts. I pray to God for the days when I can see white families kicking a football around, picnic blanket on the ground, on the parks open spaces again.

I think i hate the yuppies/swpls even more. 20-30 something childless couple cunts. All wearing sunglasses, shit scared of eye contact. Judging all through a darkly enlightened lens, processed through to their robotic cultural-communist ‘brains’ and inputted into their I-phones which are clutched in a power pose like a field masrshall holds his baton. T-shirts (not a collar to be seen), try hard tattoos, 6 inch above knee length shorts, designer pluggers, styled messy hair.

There are proper faggots too.  They are ‘couples’ which strut around like peacocks. Reading the real estate vacancies in the shop window glass from 2 inches away because they can’t do it on the fucking pc, they have to be seen doing it.

I avoid eye contact with the faggots and death stare the yuppies. I try to ‘accidentally’ bump into the Indians to start a fight.

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