I had a much better explanation of what was going on. People didn’t hate me because I was a terrible person who was not nice enough. People hated me because I was better than them. I was very intelligent, nicely formed, and kind-natured. The belief system of my parents was a social control mechanism to keep people of a more excellent type, such as myself, under control.

Charles Dickens saw how this worked and had a character named Mrs. Jellyby, who was obsessed with helping people in Africa while neglecting and abusing her own daughter. Progressives are worse than this though- they actively hate non-elite white people and enjoy seeing them hurt by their pets, criminals and badly behaved non-whites.

A great post, Why I Hate Progressive Christianity recommended by Phalluster.

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One Response to Explanations

  1. Clyde says:

    No idea why Rattle and Hum got shit canned by the critics. I always found it one of their more accessible, and thus enjoyable, albums.

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