A Sunny Feeling is Taken Away

“It all started with birth control. Before birth control, sex led to babies so there was a sort of natural brake on the bonobo society. There was a sort of lull in the slut culture during the 80s, but once the AIDS scare went away, everyone went back to promiscuity.”

Hipster Racist

I don’t think that’s true.

I think the post is true, it’s really what is going on.

But I don’t think the rationalisation of it is true. It’s not correct.

We live in a sick world.

More on this at some other point.

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2 Responses to A Sunny Feeling is Taken Away

  1. I don’t know, without birth control, girls who had sex would get pregnant, and this prevented most of them from slutting around.

    Now we have mothers putting their daughters on birth control pills as soon as they get their periods, buying them condoms, and letting them bring their “boyfriends” home to have sex.

    So birth control may not have caused the bonobo culture, but it surely enables it.

    • Reg Sipco says:

      Hi HR, sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I’ve been on a post bender downer and have only now been able to summon the spiritual strength to make an internet appearance.

      You make good points. And I agree with you.

      I’ll try and work out what my point was when I wrote that. I’m sure it was a good one.

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