Special Report: Majority of Americans now demonically possessed

What is the correlation between the “Dramatic increase in hospitalization of US children with inflammatory bowel disease” and the now almost complete inhabitation of all Americans by Satan?


2014 is the year of Peak Homo. America now aims its weapons of destruction not only at all nations who have not submitted to its imperium but also at every anus around the world. Sodomy is the main avenue, the boulevarde if you will, of Satan and his minions entering the body and devouring the soul. The purpose is to open up the “Third Eye”, literally, in order to awaken the Third Eye of Illumination – Satan’s dominion and subjugation of the world.

Just as child rape is on the rise in the USA so is demonic inhabitation. And America now wants your children too.

President Obama said he “no doubt” wanted to make clear to Russia that the United States doesn’t accept discrimination by sending gay athletes to the Olympics.

Obama sent hockey player Caitlin Cahow and figure skater Brian Boitano to represent the U.S. delegation — both are openly gay.

“There is no doubt we wanted to make it very clear that we do not abide by discrimination in anything, including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and one of the wonderful things about the Olympics is that you are judged by your merit,” Obama said in an interview with Bob Costas on Thursday.


Obama has made it clear: you must offer your children for arse gaping otherwise he will obliterate you.

The purpose of this sodomy: “It attacks the nerves at the base of the spine and causes something neurological to happen within the brain. It also has a spiritual, demonic component to it that affects the person’s mind in a way that nothing else will, as near as I can tell. In other words, I would state it this way: for a person to be able to develop multiple personalities, they would have to be sodomized between two and four.”


The American nation was founded on Illuminati principles, its very capital designed in ‘omage to Satan. Obama’s personal symbol, a large O ring, is staring you in the face: it is your bowels that must be opened. The doorway is the Seal of the Anus, now wide and tunneled for demons to enter. Inflammatory bowel disease is the body’s attempt to expel these demons, to spit out the invading species. But, this is a spiritual battle more than a physical battle.

More and more news reports come out these days of homes being under demonic attack. The media is full of these stories on a daily basis now. Americans, on the whole, are demonically possessed and those who aren’t are under constant attack.

It’s not just in the private sphere that these attacks occur. The American public space is now a daily spectacle of devil worship. The constant chant at all sporting and non-sporting events of “USA! USA! USA!” is not a mindless expression of a deep seated feeling of inferiority forcefully expressed to the contrary as dominance but, rather, a public prayer for Satan to come inhabit the spectator.

The “USA! USA! USA!” chanter is really saying: “Come lord Satan, open up our anuses, enter our colon and possess our arse-souls.”

This is why Americans, once great haters of “Papists” now openly embrace Jorge “Pope Francis” Bergoglio as their spiritual leader. Because, in the words of Jorge, “Who am I to judge?”

Jorge has affirmed and blessed the desire for all Americans to engage in anal sex with all species, of all ages. The Judeo-American media and people all chant as one in response: “USA! USA! USA!” (Sodomy! Sodomy! Sodomy!)

For all non-Americans reading this blog, and those minority Americans fighting the overwhelming demon possessed Judeo-Americans they live amongst, you must know and be certain of this truth:

Whenever encountering an American 1) assume the worst. This person wants you to be sodomised. 2) The American is more than likely inhabited by a multitude of demons. 3) This American wants you to be destroyed should you not submit to anal sex.

It is hard to believe but believe it you must, at your own peril otherwise.

Do not be fooled by those bloggers feigning Christianity, or Leftism, or neoreaction, anti-feminism or anti-system Eradicans. They are all worshipping sodomites. Know them by their fruits, not by their words. This is the Truth and the Truth will be known.

They are all forming now into one giant stool of stench, vice and perversion. This is the true meaning of the “Dark Enlightenment”. All varities of Judeo-American despoilation are now coalescing in the fundament of the Judeo-American intestinal tract to “Enlighten” you with their “Darkness”. This is what they mean by Dark Enlightenment.

Be safe, my brothers and sisters.

Note: In the video above this poor person has been hypnotised into worshiping an NFL cape. The player’s name is “Luck”, which rhymes with “fuck”. The number is 12, being 2 x 6. In other words, you must fuck two times 6. This is preparation for the coming anti-Christ who will be the completion, the 666.

Why do Judeo-Americans wear capes and large sports shirts that go over their rear, down to the backs of their legs? To hide the foulness and rottenness beneath. The festering pus riddled anus. At the same time, the cape and over-large sport shirt grants easy access to fellow sodomites. Just like the Scottish kilt, the NFL cape is worn with nothing underneath. It’s an ugly site, and one I warn you now of.

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8 Responses to Special Report: Majority of Americans now demonically possessed

  1. Pat Hannagan says:

    Thanks very much Reg for bringing us this evaluation. One thing you forgot to mention is the Judeo-American’s Burger Idolatry. The victim is infested with demons and must feed constantly at fast-food burger franchises.

    If this ever present hunger is not requited the demon child will likely attempt to shoot and kill you.

    Here is a recent case:

    Wrong Order Gets McDonald’s Workers a Bullet Through the Window

    • Reg Sipco says:

      God bless you, Mr. Lawrence.

      As hard to watch as that is, we must expose these malicious Judeo-American practices for what they are.

      The troll-toll for the boy-hole, indeed.

  2. Reg Sipco says:

    Yes, good call, Pat. I needed to keep this expose short and simple. There is enough here, probably too much, for the ordinary Judeo-American to take in (they’ve already taken so much in, if you get my drift, there is hardly any room for more).

    Here is another, daily now, story of Judeo-American demon possession:

    Another Reason to Resist: The “Devil’s Chair”

    Those taken into custody by police in the United States of America confront a substantial risk of being tortured by their captors. Police who commit such crimes face a negligible risk of significant punishment.

    A newly released video shows detention deputies at Tennessee’s Rutherford County Jail pepper-spraying a captive who was locked into a device often called the “Devil’s Chair.”

    Judeo-American police stations now come equipped with “Devil Chairs”. In this instance it was used for torture to asphyxiation with pepper-spray. In other instances the police will attempt sodomy, not necessarily with assistance of the “Devil’s Chair”, though that does no doubt occur often, but just strip searching, followed by constant anal penetration.

    Innocent man given forcible 14-hour anal cavity search, X-rays, colonoscopy after rolling through a stop sign

    Make no bones about it, Judeo-Americans are obsessed with the anus and now, fully possessed, it is their only avenue of intercourse, whether homosexual or heterosexual. They use their mouths to intake burgers, their anus to intake demons.

  3. Reg Sipco says:

    Note the crazed Judeo-American in the background pic. He has been raped constantly since at least the age of two and now has multiple personalities. The one he exhbits is the man-beast with “thumbs up” sign. The meaning is: “arse rape me, it is good. I want to anally rape you too.”

    He holds a cricket bat, symbol of the initiation rite spanking he received (why else are Judeo-Americans obsessed with spanking other than they were all viciously spanked as children then sexually ass-saulted) when coming into puberty. He wants you to beat him, thoroughly smash him and degrade him, sodomise him with a cricket bat.

    He yelps and screams in obvious psychological pain, cross-eyed and manic. It is a cry for help, yet, Judeo-Americans take it as a victory salute, such is their abomination that they demand to be humiliated more. We should pity them, and help them.

  4. Clyde says:

    When that twit uttered “who am i to judge?” did anyone yell “you’re the fucking pope you senile cunt!”?

    Seems to be the obvious response.

  5. Simon says:

    You gotta be joking Pat, are you telling me you’re not regsipco, and vice versa? What the hell is going on here bruv.

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