Growing Old

It’s not just old men but kids do it too, everyone of them is a parent soon to be.

Lining up the empty beers on your table the kids fast asleep, you might feel a failure but, a word for the failed: you had them and you protect them. Still.

2014 is the  Year of Incremental Change. The year where everything doesn’t have to be a Big Bang, but each day, a change in its own way for the better, without remorse for yesterday’s failures.

A year with less TV. A day of a few hours of sunlight. Not so much internet, working straight hours, 9 to 5 and folding the laptop up. Back pass to the kids at the soccer oval.

Life passes you by.

Waking in the morning will I have the same resolve?

Every day is change and every morning a chance to forget.

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