The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.

I have not lived in Israel for many years now, and I am very conscious of my outsider’s perspective. Sometimes people ask me, “what is a Jew?” The answer is the following: a Jew who has anti-Semitic experiences in Berlin in 2008 is different from the Jew who had anti-Semitic experiences in 1940. The Jew of 1940 felt threatened; the Jew of today can think of his own land, of Israel. Today I can say, “either you learn to deal with me, you anti-Semite, or we go our separate ways, period.” That makes an existential difference. I am a short-term pessimist about the Middle East, but a long-term optimist. Either we will find a way to live with each other or we will kill each other. What gives me hope? Music-making. Because, before a Beethoven symphony, Mozart’s Don Giovanni or Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde, all human beings are equal.


It must be nice to think of your own people having their own land.

I wonder what that must be like.

It must make an existential difference.

All I know is, all I have ever known is, I have no land save for guilt. And shame. Guilt and shame. One cannot speak of one without hand shaking the other. Guilt & Shame are my nation. Why it should be so I really don’t have any idea.

But…I know it. Every White person knows it.

Daniel Barenboim has usurped our heritage and still he calls himself a victim, claiming every part of my heritage as his own. I am entitled nothing. Save…the mantle of “anti-semite” should I claim any pride for anything that he now owns.

Beethoven? Barenboim’s

Wagner? Barenboim’s

Haydn? Barenboim’s

You know the rest.

Read his whole claim to our history and know it for yourself.

He has Israel. What do you have?

I suppose Jews own the Ninth as well.

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