Rule Europa

I’d like to say a few things and make a few new enemies here. First of all, and I will make this short, the British have always been scheming parasites – 99.9% of British history is a lie or outright distortion. They had no ‘empire’, this was a marketing blurb – their great world empire lies in the fact that the Spanish Wars of Succession and then the French Revolution gave them rule of the sea as a fluke and a mulligan – there was no real battles other than mopping up operations in the wake of the societal chaos. They have been in an undeclared war with Europe since the 17th century.

First James 1st gulls Frederick of the Palatinate into a Protestant/Catholic war with the Hapsburgs over Bohemia with promises of aid and the hand of his daughter Elizabeth Stuart – then when the war starts he pulls out and and in a switch tries to marry his son to a Spanish Princess… effectively starting the 30 years war – the greatest death and destruction Europe knew before the 20th century – flash forward 200 years and past many chaotic wars sponsored by the British – and we have Britain okaying Russia’s move on Constantinople – switcho the British ally with the Turks against Russia – the first time a European army ever took the field with a Asiatic army against a European Power in history. Then they attack without provocation an independent European settlement (not a colony) South Africa – unbelievably they still celebrate this, I do not know why or how they can do this with a straight face – they were beaten by farmers until they pulled out the concentration camps in which they locked up and starved to death women, children and the old. WWI was an entirely British war. On the very outset of tensions they settled a pact with Russia and France weeks before it starts and declare war ‘first’ – before anyone else – a war they had no business in whatsoever, a purely internal matter. Then they rip off pieces of Germany to create a ring of hostile states on former German territory around Germany – bankroll Poland to attack every country on it’s borders (Lithuania, Russia, Belorussia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Germany) and then guarantee Poland’s security ‘only’ if they attack Germany….the British declare war first again in a war they have no business in.
Their entire history is a lie. 99.9% of what you blame Jews for is not incorrect, but incomplete… for if you were honest and diligent you could see the Jews just worked for the British hand in hand the whole time. No country in history has so effectively distorted history and reality through manipulation of the record through media. Someone mentioned the decline of America since 1870 – that was the British regaining their influence in America along with their Jews.

The Germans know this, yet strangely do not hate them. Germany incidentally is not the 5th or 3rd most economically powerful country in the world, (behind China and whomever) but the 2nd only to the United States. Germany has a fraction of exports compared to China – yet they make 200% more profits from what they export than all of China’s exports/external trade – including their INTERNAL trade – China is a midget compared to Germany (figures according to World Bank Dept. of Clearances ) in potential, but the world media tries to obfuscate and hide this fact (it dents British pride). Britain will destroy itself by it’s own internal poisons, they have nothing left but parasitizing off the international bond market to sustain a bankrupt society an inch from meltdown. America will remain, but be fractured and only a shadow of itself, and as a mostly Spanish speaking Republic. Anglo-American society, culture, language will be erased everywhere but the more peaceful self-interested countries such as Australia, New Zealand and perhaps Canada. Then Germany will step up and clear out all the Asiatic and Africans from Europe, and restore all the historic nations of Europe – except England. Britain will be restored to it’s ancestral kingdoms of Scotland, Wales and Ireland – the ‘new’ England will be as if the last 500 years never happened. Russia needs security only from the east – and will seek common cause and brotherhood with Germany and Europe. Already Germany has weapons that can defeat any missile or ballistic vehicle. The breakdown of the EU and the coming cold war with Islam and China will allow them to bring out their weapons developments – without sharing their technologies (all American energy weapons come from Germany – well, more accurately you could say all American weapons and even the structure of their military and operations come from German designs and methods). The Germans have had to kiss ass for 60-70 years and they did it effectively and efficiently – but they have never been nor ever will be down and out of the game. They are the executive class of the world, and cannot be defeated. The last 60 years they have been studiously analysing and preparing.

Ironically, they do not need to fight the Anglo-American world order (NWO) and will probably be America’s only ally when the dissolutions come. You may be Anglo, and hate the Germans and repeat all the lies the British have concocted…. but very soon they will be who you turn to – to save you from yourselves.

When the dust settles Europe will again be master of a peaceful world, without colonialism, without British doublecross/usury or an international Jewish espionage/terrorism network. And then mankind will turn towards the stars. Thanks for your time and patience.

Guest post written by Etype. First published in comments at Eradica.

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8 Responses to Rule Europa

  1. etype says:

    I have to rewrite this…a mulligan? I hate when people want a mulligan – maybe that’s a personal thing….cuz I want a mulligan on this

  2. Reg Sipco says:

    You should do a post shitbagging the Irish, etype. By God they’re due it.

    Imagine defeating the Poms and gaining independence only to become the most non-racist, PC, nigger loving suckholing nation on earth who demand they import the scum of the earth to demonstrate their bona fides.

    Micks and Tykes: the greatest and most contemptible treasonous backstabbing pricks to have ever gained a nation through bloodshed.

  3. Reg Sipco says:

    This post is truly, and I mean this sincerely, the most heartfelt, accurate, rendition of truth and love that I have ever read on the alt-right, if not the internet.

    I post this song as tribute, not as sarcasm:

  4. etype says:

    The people in Ireland, England, Germany or anywhere in Europe follow and do what they are told are their duties… for now they are fucked everywhere, not just as in Ireland which has existed with a vampire on her neck for centuries, the same vampires which are now everywhere. But the sun is starting to come out now, though still below the horizon. it’s light is spreading.

    btw. great song but the video gives me the freaking wambles.

  5. Clyde says:

    Pat Hannagan comment on another post:

    Re. WASPs. It is valuable and necessary to understand WASP history, evolution of thought and cultural practices for the very simple reason that it wasn’t the Jews who smashed Germany instead of going after Stalin, it was nations lead by Churchill and Roosevelt that did that damage.

    By noting this, studying this, does not exculpate Jews but focuses on other causes for our decline as White nations. And gaining our nations again as White nations is our cause so it is necessary to eliminate all blind spots which an inordinate focus on the Jews can lead to.

    I’ve read from many WNists that the enlightenment itself was a Jewish project, which is an example of what O’Meara is referring. The Enlightenment, if it was anyone’s project, was a WASP project through and through. And it is enlightenment thinking that has found its end point in the individualism run rampant that defines America and the American project of democracy uber alles.

    The rise of evangelist religions in the USA is worrying and that rise was not facilitated by the Jews. The fact that so many Republican leaders like Bush, Bachmann, Perry have this bizarre Israel worship and democracy worship at their core is something that needs be addressed. It is a WASP phenomenon particular to the USA.

    With Palin and her constant demonstrations of Israel love via a Star of David pendant or the like, an Israel flag situated here or there at her back, it isn’t for fear of the Jews that she is motivated. It is for love of the Jews over and above her own people that she is motivated to do so. And that religious imperative of hers is not a Jew created religion it is a WASP creation. It needs to be addressed.

    The real future of White Nationalism is levering off the WASPs from Jews.

    Or is that the other way round, like levering off an oyster from a pier, yet the fact is that WASPs identify far more with Jews than they will ever with any other people – Irish, Italian, Eastern European whatever.

    If WASPs identified with themselves as a distinct people then none of us other Whites would have a problem with it. In fact we’d applaud it.

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