For Zyzz

Now, I’m not a fanboy, I’m not a nuthugger. I’m a mirer. You are a mirer too. Haters are mirers, everyone mires Zyzz. Lettuce ketchup to real tee and bee cereal: there are no real Zyzz haters. No one hates Zyzz. People hate the fanboys, the nuthuggers, phaggots that don’t even lift that reference him as their hero. They hate on people that try to profit on him. They hate the attention he gets, they’re mad jelly of him. But we all mire Zyzz, and always will.

Now, to answer your question. He isn’t even dead brah.
As I said, the best way to describe him is “Aesthetic”. HE DEFINES the word. A word doesn’t die.
What happened to him then? Laws of Physics brah. Remember he mentioned he was going to “Arnold Status”? He was becoming more TOO aesthetic. He became too aesthetic. He had to change dimensions: go to heaven, mount olympus . . . however you want to call it. He is now in a place where he can continue to exceed the word “aesthetic”. Just imagine the possibilities, and by the way, that’s all you can do, IMAGINE. Because a human, mortal, mind is too minuscule to really grasp the aesthetic level of beauty he is now at in Mount Olympus. Aesthetic isn’t the word anymore: there is no way to describe his aesthetics now.

Now that I answered your question, let me add something.
He “died” for us brah. He showed us the way to aesthetics, he wanted all of us to be Aesthetic and lol. That extra strength you feel when you thought you couldn’t lift anymore? Zyzz is spotting you. That extra bumps you’re giving your gf while sexing her? That’s Zyzz trolling you and phucking your sloot. That urge you get to dance and bishes be mirin’? That’s Zyzz showing you the way. That sexy mofo you see in the mirror? That’s not Zyzz, that’s you bro… but Zyzz is right behind you, and he’s smiling: he’s proud of you, he’s proud of your aesthetics. Don’t worry brah, Zyzz has your back. And he wants you to become Aesthetic.

Yes, everyone has a little bit of Zyzz in them. He didn’t mean that in the sense that you had “him”. He meant that you had the aesthetics, the lulz, the trolling, the intelligence, the charisma: Zyzz. You have it, make that Zyzz in you grow.
And one day we will join him in Mount Olympus. But not yet, not yet.

Courtesy of Clyde

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