The Blessed

America became a nation when the scum of England planted foot on her foreign soil, that was already taken, by natives murdering each other, while down south, the Conquistadors were relieving the people of their slavish love of their death god.

Later Kikes came, with their merchandise, not quite their merchandise but their selling of it. And Lo, America became whole.

In California girls began to wear bikinis, New York sent out the hinterland’s best and soon enough, drones took care of the rest.

Magazines were printed as aircraft carriers were pressed into service. The Graf Spee lay at rest, and the best of us were on daytime informercial TV selling foldable step ladders that came with a free set.

Seemingly too good, it was all too real, as the Soviet Union collapsed under Reagan and his trickle down debt laden economy.

Benny Hinn induced angels, spat out devils from our bowels, as we looked on and saw what it takes to be something.

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3 Responses to The Blessed

  1. Reg Sipco says:

    What a load of jew schmaltz .

  2. It’s a weird dichotomy… Auckland, a wilderness of spear-chuckers supplanted by low-IQ alpha Anglos, versus America, an empty land filled up with weak beta Germanics. Both are being corrupted by the Evil Jew. Aussland wishes the Americans were less faggy; White Americans would love to move to the land down under if the people weren’t so dumb. The moral of the story is that everyone is gay.

  3. Reg Sipco says:

    Alcohol and razor blades and poison and needles
    Kindergarten people, they use them, they need them

    The over-indulgent machines were their children
    There wasn’t a way down on Earth here to cool them
    ‘Cause they looked just like humans
    At Kresge’s and Woolworth’s
    But decadent brains were at work to destroy
    Brats in batallions were ruling the streets
    Saying generation landslide
    Closed the gap between them

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