A guest post from Phalluster:

Cheese is a wonderful and delicious food, truly a showcase of White ingenuity and high culture.

Nerds at wikipedia insist on geographical ambiguity regarding cheeses origins.  Central Europe, as common sense would instruct, manufactured the first cheeses, with artifacts from Poland and Switzerland dating back as far as 8,000 years.  Cheese is thought to have been discovered as a coincidental byproduct of storing milk in stomach linings, a happy accident of the White practice of animal husbandry.

Matters of race might be easy to overlook within this culinary staple simply because of the widespread availability.  A bit of introspection proves otherwise: cheese is as intrinsically White as electricity, plumbing, responsibility, and literature.  Niggers, for example, are completely incapable of waiting out the aging process due to their poor future time orientation and general lack of impulse control.  Mestizos were gifted the bounties of dairy and domesticated livestock by their Europid conquerors, although to this day, they still struggle to produce any cheese flavors of significant impact.  Mexican cheeses are categorically soft and bland (Oaxaca, Panela), attributable to both the beaner’s undeveloped palate and his desire to stuff his pudgy little face.  To combat their cheese’s tastelessness, some south-of-the-border brewers simply cram it full of peppers or spices (Pepper Jack, Anejo Enchilado).  Like Mexico in general, the cheeses are rife with disease and impurity, so sample with extreme caution if you absolutely must.

The jew has a noteworthy relationship with cheese.  They famously use a separate set of cutlery when preparing and serving cheeses and other dairy products.  This practice arose out of necessity during their ritual preying on young White children.  The jew would typically use a small hunk of cheese to mask a heavy sedative agent, then lure young Whites into their lairs with the promise of the tasty treat.  Once incapacitated, the children would be bled and cooked for eating and other bizarre incantations.  Problems arose whenever a jew accidentally consumed a bit of sedative, rendering even the smallest feats of strength (like carrying an unconscious White child) all but impossible.  So, unique tableware was developed.

Ranking the Cheeses

To each his own, of course.  The White man, in his splendid versatility, has created a variety of distinct cheeses for many occasions, both as a feature ingredient and as a complement to more complex dishes.  Here are my twelve favorites:

White Cheddar

Firm and sharp, this reliable cheese can augment a cracker, baked potato, or simple glass of milk.  White cheddars tend to be a bit sharper in flavor, but unlike races, the differences in color are completely ornamental.  Some manufacturers apply orange dyes to distinguish between aging periods.  Cheddar cheese stands as England’s greatest invention.


This basic cheese needs no introduction.  Its sourness provides a pleasant contrast to the meat in a roast beef hero.

Fresh Mozzarella

The best of the “soft” cheeses: the demure flavor can accentuate a slice of tomato or defer to the sharpness of salami.

Smoked Gouda and Pinconning are two of America’s finest cheese offerings, and I would be remiss to overlook Colby’s commanding presence (it is the bully of cheeses).  Raclette, Appenzeller, Jarlsberg, and Stilton each have their merits.  For the adventurous eater, try a hunk of Humboldt Fog or a corner of Juustoleipa.

Beware of rogue cheeses like Gruyere.  The granular, nuttish texture naturally caters to limp-wristed faggots and liberals.  While it is aged and prepared with precision and intricacy, I would recommend a slice of Colby-Jack, a true cheese of the proletariat, to counter any accidental weakening of resolve.

Delightful in its simplicity, cheese is a testament to the superiority of the White race.  Let us enjoy this magnificent food and give thanks for a wonderful life.

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