Trees never die, they just tend to crumble

But many wither away.

Most, disintegrate.

Trees, shed leaves. But not all of them. Only those that are deciduous.

Some trees have parasites.

I knew a tree, and have seen many more, with a bunch of leaves blooming on a limb, yet, the rest of the thing was dead. That tree was colonised. As were the rest.

Most trees are good but there are bad ones. Still, even the bad ones are just doing what they do. I’m not sure if trees have intent. I’m undecided on that point. After all, if you watch a tree over time, you will see that it *seems* to shape its way to life giving sustenance, whether it be sun, or choking the life out of another tree, slowly.

People *think* that trees are dumb. I’m not so sure.

Just because you cannot perceive intention, just staring at them, you do see intention, when you return, day after day. You see the way it has worn.

Trees grow over buildings.

That’s for sure.

Trees will grow in anything.

There is a war out there, right now, even though the whole thing looks so calm and quiet as you catch a nap, under its shade. But, things are *not* what they seem.

Trees move imperceptibly.

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3 Responses to Trees never die, they just tend to crumble

  1. etype says:

    Vampire Weekend is a college indie band – which means even if they one day write a song that even has any meaning, they will still suck.

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