I really have little time for sport anymore. Especially sport of the professionalised team variety.


Probably the NFL is the my favourite. Though the domination of Ameracanised Africans is undesirable.


The NRL is a topic for another post entirely.

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4 Responses to Sport

  1. Reg Sipco says:

    Amen, to Money Bill, Amen to the NRL, Amen to The Daily Terror.

    Boxing, League, NFL; it’s all a rort.

    Who’s fucking who?

    Read it tomorrow

  2. Clyde says:

    May god smite amateur cricketers who warm up by playing touch football dressed in coloured training clothing.

  3. Reg Sipco says:

    Firmly we affirm thee.

    May God smite all who deal in pre-teen sport tragedy.

  4. regsipco says:

    The soldier boy for his soliders pay
    Obeys the seargent at arms whatever he says

    The seargent will for his seargent’s pay
    Obey the captain ’til his dying day
    The captain will for his captain’s pay
    Obey the general order of battle play
    The generals bow to the government
    Obey the charge you must not relent

    What of the neighbors and the prophets in bars?
    What are they saying in the publiz bazaar?
    We are tired of the tune
    You must not relent

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