My Daughter’s Virginity

Friends we met three minutes ago were aglow, and we were drunk, singing songs, Cold Chisel, as Ozzies do.

It all seems rather déclassé, now, but, I remember when being raped, by priests was all the go.

Getting drunk. Disremembering.

It seems, it seems, like, things seem.

So aloof at the time, we talked and we walked, people were eating <trademark> breakfast, in the morning, in the latest tourist spot, the local river swelled, and the pub had drunks. Everyone laughed.

In the morning TV was turned on, and dad got to the car, mum showered.


Au contraire Collard, obsession with matters sexual combined with denunciations of others’ “hate” is the sine qua non of the Novus Ordo cultist. It doesn’t embarrass me because I am not associated with it.

The thought process in your post is categorically puerile. I’m amazed that you cannot see it, and continue with it. Feel free to never publish my comments again, I could not care any less than I already don’t.

Re the virginity post/poem, why you deleted it I have no idea. It is pertinent to the ongoing sexualisation of everything in our society, right down to our own children, and the constant task of forgetting. The Novus Ordo specialise in such forgetting, or faux apologies, then pretense at having some sort of morality within their decadence; hence the denunciations of others for “hate”.

As for blogging I’ve never cared much for it. People put up these blogs in full public view then get all editorial when copping flak. Do they make their views public so that others may suffer them silently? Why do bloggers go public and then damn the public for commenting on that very public subject matter? So, you’ve tolerated my comments thus far? Whoop-dee-doo!

Anyway, all the best to you. You seem like a good bloke, just with a bizarre penchant for the scatalogical.

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2 Responses to My Daughter’s Virginity

  1. regsipco says:

    One for the Novus Ordo, and “Catholics” like Collard:

  2. regsipco says:

    All around me
    I keep moving, everybody changes
    If I’ll have to leave tonight
    Will it ever be the same again?

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