10 drags per smoke x 20 smokes per day x 365 per year = 73,000 toxic drags per year.

There must be a similar formula with regard the perfidious Jews. Any ideas?

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6 Responses to Warning

  1. Beware the ignominious ‘butt drag’, too!

  2. regsipco says:

    Is that legal?

    John Hopoate is a master:

  3. regsipco says:

    Jay in DC
    October 3, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    This is my final thought for tonight. I am NOT against these phrases- White Nationalist, White Supremacist. HOWEVER- They are 1000 percent loser terms if you want to gain traction. Again, part of the reason I plant myself on a weekly basis at Eradica is FP understands the art of stealth, subterfuge, infiltration. I caught this lesson in the worst way possible. As an arrogant little prick, that can get away with anything… In Fortress DC or Fortress Manhattan, you are fucking delusional if you think this. Outside of this place if I hear WN or White Supremacy I would disown any of you utterly. Go BACK to Stormfront or VNN you fucking NEONAZI cunt!! Learn to be invisible…


    Sounds like Jay in DeeeCeee wants to go Super Saiyan on someone’s ASS!!

    Jay in DeeCee blows his cover and assumes his ultimate form:

  4. regsipco says:

    Here’s a better health warning: “Every time you suck on a smoke, it’s like you’re sucking off a Kike.”

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